About mE

Hello ladies and gentlemen,


I am Rama, a Photographer and Graphic Designer, operating internationally.

Thanks to my career, I have had the opportunity to work in different countries. Hopefully, I will visit even more places.

My photography has brought me to: Norway, Spain, across Italy, Russia, Ukraine, to the border of Turkey, and to Washington, DC- my new home base.


My formation gives me the opportunity to offer a wide variety of services.

I completed my studies for Graphic Design and media, advertising, and communication. I took my degree in the school of business science with the specialization in business management, marketing and selling techniques.


My career is divided between:


• My artistic work that most often includes gracious dancers as you may see in my portfolio pictures.

• The images commissioned from families for their special moments.

• Images made for events as concert, music performance or public event.

• Images for magazine, models, actors and big firm, graphic design for advertising.


Please contact me for every question you may have